It's Time To Retreat 🌻 Bonfire Chronicles : LakeFront Series 🌊

The world is heavy! You may see me smiling & posting my highs via social media, but truth is, I too, get tired & frustrated. Being an entrepreneur comes with HIGHS & LOWS. I have LOST IT ALL, TO GET IT ALL BACK IN A YEAR! It took my sweat & tears to get back everything I lost! Would I do it all again, if I had too?? Hell Yea!!

I could literally write a book on my personal life! I’ll save that talk for the bonfire! Meet me there! We won't mention being a mother & wife while entrepreneuring through life! 🥴 The way life throws it punches when you least expect it! Trying to break generational curses & stop bad habits?! Does all of this sound familiar?

I thought it would! Which brings me to why we're even here. I decided that I must incorporate some "ME TIME." I'm always so busy doing other shit, that I forget to LOVE ME CORRECTLY. I forget that if I don't have my HEALTH, there is NO WEALTH. 

If you're ANYTHING like me, I LOVE THE WATER! It calms my soul & eases my spirit! I want to share my life journey with you! I want us to HEAL, RECOUP & Re-ALIGN together! There is a MAGIC that happens when we come together! PLUS! I'm always down to hang with the LADIES! 

So Listen! Here's the details! 

Only 10 People can join us on this first retreat! We can add more down the line in the next series! 


Date: Septemberish (Looking into 24th-25th) 

Time: Check in at 4pm- Check out (NEXT DAY 11 am)

Activities: Bonfire on the Lake (Circle Of Life Meet), Yoga 🧘‍♀️ w/ our Yoga to transform Leader, Puff & Paint, Hypnotherapy or RT Therapy sessions/ Self Care Sessions with a Certified Therapist, Yoni Steams & Adult Games & Scrub Bar  

Food: Plant Based & Vegan Food, Brunch & Dinner (Provided) 

I'm so excited to share this time with you! We are getting a clear view & head count on who REALLY is interested. Don't forget we will only be able to house 10 people!!! We release more details once we confirm the amount of people interested!

How to get your name on the list first!

Scroll Down & Leave US A COMMENT! Say, ADD ME! Make sure you subscribe to our email list next! That’s the next important step to confirming your stay.  Next email/blog will be a payment confirmation with confirmed details! 

See you on the beach at the bonfire! 

Peace & Love,





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