Frequently Asked Questions & Terms and Conditions



​* What happens when my body scrub gets hard?

~Because of the nature of the scrub, the weather can affect the contents by making them hard. All you have to do is place your jar in a bowl of hot water until it gets to a consistency that is best for you.

*Are your products all natural and organic?

~We pride ourselves on using the most highest quality butters & the most potent essential oil found around the world. With all of our customers in mind, we decided to create two skincare lines to cater to our VERY EARTHY CUSTOMERS & ARE WILD CARD CUSTOMERS! :) Very Earthy is catered to those customers who prefer no fragrance, extra butters and all the other skin loving ingredients that come with our products.
Even for those that absolutely love our in-house blend of fragrances, we STILL have SKIN-LOVING ingredients and NEVER HARSH CHEMICALS!

*If my product is out of stock, how will I know it has been restocked?

~Please join our emailing list for all NEW products, restocked items, where Heaven On Earth will be at locally, discounts, and more!

*What is the shelf life of the our products?

~The body scrubs have a preservative in them. They can last up to a year on the shelf without being opened. The lotions, bath bombs, butters, etc. also last a year or more.

*How long does shipping take?

~Please refer to the Shipping/Returns Page for more details. Shipping usually occurs the week after the product is ready on Tuesday and Thursday.

Do you have more questions? Contact us using the contact form on our site!


In light of recent developments, and as a effort to support social distancing our store location is still open. But you will have to use our website to pre=order & pick up if you are local..  If you would like to customize a special order, please call us at 317-496-1002 or email us @ We will be happy to take your personalized order over the phone or email.

Please stay safe! 

Patience & Quality & Delivery
Please keep in mind that all of our products are HANDMADE from SCRATCH and require great effort to deliver quality product to our customers daily. Outside of the normal delivery of products, we also service vendors, personal engagement's, etc. Your order will be made in the order received. Please give us time to create amazing service & product for you. Your order will always be freshly made & NEVER Shelf made. :) 

Due to the nature of our product, NO RETURNS WILL BE ALLOWED. If you receive the WRONG AND/OR missing an item, please SEND a picture of your PACKAGE & PRODUCTS to Once we have confirmed, we will send you a confirmation package within 7 days. Please note, you have 48 hours from time of delivery to send verification to us. If outside the 48 hours, we will not guarantee product replacement, no exceptions.

Please keep in mind that your order is freshly made! So once your order is placed in line, we will make it in the order received. Orders typically take between 7 to 21 days of PROCESSING, NOT DELIVER.. Once shipped, orders are shipped w/ 2 day service. 
 You will receive a email confirmation once your order is getting ready to be shipped. It will have your tracking information as well.
Heaven On Earth Organics is NOT responsible damaged or stolen packages. Please make sure that you list the CORRECT ADDRESS for your shipping! We will NOT be responsible for RE-Shipping your package. That cost will be your expense. No Exceptions.


Winter Time Delivery: Please note that you have $50 insurance with your package. If for some reason you never receive your package, please file a claim with USPS. I CANNOT ASSIST with this. Heaven On Earth is NOT responsible for late packages for weather delays. Please contact USPS.

Frozen Scrub or Butter??!!
Please note that with the change of weather & the nature of the ingredients in your body butters & scrub, they may get hard. For the scrub, all you need to do is place the entire scrub in hot water. It will melt back to its perfect consistency. As for your body butter, please just let it sit in room temperature. It will be the perfect consistency after a couple of hours.